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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Let's Get This Thing Started!

We had a class at the Sans Pareil center yesterday. We are being registered to be a foster family in case we get a child that is less than a year. In that case, we would foster to adopt, so we have to complete the state required classes. Yesterday we had to watch a video about fostering. It was definitely an attempt to sell fostering and how it can help the mother who lost her children. To me, it seemed pretty unrealistic since it portrayed very close relationships between the case worker, the foster family, and the mother. Our adoption advocate, Simone, told us, "It is not a good idea to keep in touch. This video is not realistic." Good to know. Next came the shaken baby syndrome video. That will freak you out.

The application process is crazy. I am working on filling out a 22 page application. Additionally, they need copies of EVERYTHING. Proof of income, residency, social security...ok I can see that. But photos and a floor plan of your house? Pet vaccination records? The best is pictures of your car registration and inspection stickers. Really? What in the world? By the time this over, they are going to know more about us than we do.

We also have to do a photo book. This is definitely up my alley. The book will be used at placement staffings when trying to match us with a child. We have to "sell" ourselves to the case worker for the child. I knew they did this for private adoptions, but had no idea for a CPS adoption.

Overwhelmed does not begin to cover the emotions we feel. I have started thinking of names- we will be changing the baby's name from whatever it is. Apparently, most families do this. Simone said it is a symbol of starting the new life with your family.

Ideas for girl names; Avery, Joslyn, Brenna, Jensen

Ideas for Boy Names ( really hard when you are a teacher): Brock, Jensen, Corbin

Every time I come up with a name and run it by Scott, he says something smart ass like, "I prefer Sheniqua, or La Tay Tay." If he isn't careful, I will just pick the name without him.

I am seeing subtle change sin both of us since we have started this process. Seems like everything I do, I think how it would be with the baby. Little things like balancing the laundry, knowing that will have to be childproofed, thinking of the baby's room, etc.

Scott has not said much, but he is definitely changing in the way he interacts with our friend's kids. Before, he would smile and talk to them, now he is playing with them and actually holding them. We babysat our nephew who is 2 a few weekends ago, and I could not get my hands on him. It was all Scott. He even sat down and watched The Princess and the Frog with him.

I wonder about these changes in us. Is this normal? Is this what happens when people find out they are pregnant? Is there anything I should be doing to get ready that I am not? SO many questions.....

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey, I look forward to your updates! It is amazing the many ways God puts together families!